ROGUE OF ROUXVILLE by Adam Yamey is available at:                                                                                                                                    [PAPERBACK]   [KINDLE]     [KINDLE]

Many hours later, the bells on the town’s church struck eleven o’ clock. Jakob shivered in the cold night air, and then walked along the deserted streets from the Prinsloos’ home towards his deserted house. He stopped in front of it, surveyed its dark silhouette, and began walking slowly around it. When he reached the kitchen window, he remembered that this had never been easy to close, and decided that it was a good place to begin the night’s work. He tried prizing open its shutters, but they had been nailed so firmly that they would not budge. Then, he moved stealthily towards the back entrance to the house, and tried its handle. The door budged, but it would not open. He pulled on it. It gave a bit, but no more than a fraction of an inch. He cursed himself for forgetting to bring something like a crowbar. Frustrated, he tried rattling the door to loosen the nails holding it closed, but this created a noise that caused the neighbour s’ dogs to begin barking.

All of a sudden, he felt his forearms being gripped painfully, and before he had time to react they were pinned tightly behind his back.

“What the…,” he began shouting, unable to finish his sentence because a sudden pain in his stomach took his breath away.

Although the blow made him feel like doubling over, he was unable to do so because of the vice-like grip on his arms. He gasped, and then heard a familiar voice saying:

“You are under arrest. Come peacefully. I don’t want to thump you again.”

“Tell your accomplice to release me, Plaatje.”

The constable muttered something in Basuto, and then Jakob felt his arms slacken a little.

“You can’t arrest me without a warrant. I haven’t committed a crime.”

“Ag, let Schnehage be the judge of that tomorrow after you’ve had a good night’s sleep in the cells.”

“Good, I could do with that, Plaatje. And, you’ll need more than a rest after I have finished lodging a complaint against you and that thug of an assistant of yours.”

“Just come along quietly,” the constable advised, holding his truncheon close to Jakob’s face.

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